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本文摘要:After getting his M.B.A. from the College of William and Mary, Chris Perry knew hed have to venture beyond Williamsburg, Va., to find a good job in marketing and branding.从威廉玛丽学院(College of William and Mary)取得MBA学位后,佩里(Chris Perry)告诉他必需去弗吉


After getting his M.B.A. from the College of William and Mary, Chris Perry knew hed have to venture beyond Williamsburg, Va., to find a good job in marketing and branding.从威廉玛丽学院(College of William and Mary)取得MBA学位后,佩里(Chris Perry)告诉他必需去弗吉尼亚州威廉斯堡以外的地方闯一闯,才能寻找一份与营销和品牌有关的好工作。The best jobs in his field are in big cities like New York, and industry recruiters werent coming to his university. So, through the career website LinkedIn he started reaching out to people who worked at companies that he had an interest in. His first few introductions didnt get much response. Mr. Perry acknowledges that his notes were cordial but may have sounded too self-serving. So he softened his approach.他所属领域的最差的工作都在纽约这样的大城市,行业聘用人员会回到他们这所大学聘用。所以,他开始通过职业社交网站LinkedIn联系那些在他感兴趣的公司工作的人。他最初收到的一些自我介绍没取得过于多恢复。

佩里否认他发送到的信息都一挺真诚的,但有可能听得一起有点贪婪。所以他软化了他的措辞。Id put in the title that I was a recent M.B.A. graduate looking for advice, says Mr. Perry. Id focus on talking about them during informational interviews and Id mention any accomplishments of theirs that I may have read about.佩里说道,我会在标题中写出上,我是一名刚刚毕业的MBA学生,期望取得您的建议。他说道,我会在信息性的谈话时集中于谈论对方,我还不会提及我有可能写的有关他们的任何成就的信息。

He also participated in LinkedIn industry groups that allowed him to communicate directly with contacts he couldnt have reached without a chain of introductions.他还参予了一些LinkedIn上的行业的组织,这些的组织可以使他需要必要与那些在该的组织外必须经过一系列赏识才能联系到的人。One fellow group member worked for Reckitt Benckiser, a British consumer-goods company with a major office in Parsippany, N.J. The contact agreed to speak with Mr. Perry on condition that he not ask for a reference. After a pleasant conversation, the contact ended up forwarding Mr. Perrys résumé to the HR department, which helped him get an interview and a job. Hes now a senior leader on Reckitts e-commerce team.其中一个的组织的一位成员在英国消费品公司利洁时(Reckitt Benckiser)工作,这家公司在新泽西州的帕西帕尼另设一个主要办事处。这位联系人表示同意与佩里聊天,但前提是佩里不拒绝推荐信。

在经过了一次无聊的聊天后,这位联系人最后将佩里的履历引荐给该公司的人力资源部门,后者协助他取得了一次试镜机会,最后他在这个公司取得了一份工作。现在佩里是利洁时电子商务团队的高级负责人。Social-media websites like LinkedIn have made job hunting easier by automating many tasks. But one-click networking invitations fall short when trying to reach people, say experts. Instead, job hunters need to engage other professionals on a more personal level. This includes getting introductions to people outside of your network who can help you with your career. The trick is knowing how to ask.类似于LinkedIn这样的社交媒体网站,通过使许多工作自动已完成,使打工显得更为更容易。


窍门在于告诉如何明确提出这样的催促。Focus on your first- and second-degree connections. The former are contacts that have already accepted your invitation to join your network, or vice versa, and the latter are contacts known to your first-degree connection. Third-degree connections require more than one introduction and can be difficult to reach, as you may not have a mutual acquaintance.将注意力放到你的第一级和第二级关系上。第一级关系是早已拒绝接受你的邀重新加入你的关系网的人,反之亦然,第二级关系是你的首要联系人了解的人。

第三级关系是必须多达一个人赏识的人,你们之间有可能无法建立联系,因为你们有可能没联合了解的人。Consider whom you want to get an introduction from. Do research on LinkedIn, Google and even Glassdoor to find out what kind of employee your chosen first-degree contact is, says Dan Schawbel, a workplace expert from Boston and author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules of Career Success.波士顿职场专家施瓦贝尔(Dan Schawbel)说道,考虑一下你想要取得谁的赏识,在LinkedIn、谷歌(Google),甚至是Glassdoor上追查你自由选择的第一级联系人是哪种员工。施瓦贝尔著有《提高自己:职场顺利的新规则》(Promote Yourself: The New Rules of Career Success)一书。

You really dont want an endorsement from somebody thats not liked at work or who has a poor workplace reputation, says Mr. Schawbel. How much do you really know about that person that you connected with at that trade show?施瓦贝尔说道,你认同想被工商管理场不热门或者名声不好的人赏识,对于在那次展览了解的联系人你确实理解多少?When asking for an introduction, make it easy for your first-degree contact by mentioning how youd like to be introduced and the reasons you need help, writing out the introduction to be forwarded and providing something in return for the effort. Networking works best when both parties can offer the other something useful.当明确提出赏识催促时,要使你的第一级联系人能精彩已完成这件事,你要告诉他对方你期望以何种方式被赏识以及你必须协助的理由,还要写出好赏识信,并且要对对方有所期望。关系网在双方都能为对方带给益处时需要充分发挥最佳起到。You should also give your contact an easy way out in case he or she isnt comfortable making the introduction, says New York career coach Melissa Llarena. Always be gracious, since at the very least they might offer useful advice or a referral to somebody else that can help you with an introduction, she says.纽约职业导师利亚雷纳(Melissa Llarena)说道,你还应该使你的联系人能精彩拒绝接受这个催促,因为这个赏识有可能会令其他(或她)深感不便。


她说道,要始终保持友好关系,因为他们最少可能会获取一些简单的建议,或者引荐另外一个可以协助赏识你的人。Groups are one way to contact second- and third-degree LinkedIn members directly. But dont join a group and start contacting individual members without making an earnest attempt to participate in community dialogue. You could get ejected from the group by the moderators.重新加入行业的组织是在LinkedIn必要认识到第二和第三级联系人的一个方式。但不要一重新加入一个的组织,就开始联系个别成员,而没严肃尝试参予社群对话。

你可能会被管理员赶出该的组织。Answer some questions and start new topics. Go beyond liking updates by making thoughtful comments on new posts or by sharing relevant links. You want to show regular engagement, says Mr. Schawbel. That includes answering any network requests promptly.施瓦贝尔说道,你可以问一些问题以及发动新的话题。不要只对新的帖子点“拜”,要公开发表有深度的评论或者共享涉及链接。

你要展现出出有你是一个常常积极参与辩论的人。这还包括很快恢复任何关系网催促。Preface any requests with regular status updates to show that youre active. It will also give you and your contact something to reference. Just dont share the same personal updates about your cats across all of your social-media accounts. Try to keep your LinkedIn updates on a more professional level.在明确提出催促前要常常改版状态,这样可以表明你的活跃度。


Youll get a much better response if your profile is up-to-date and includes a photo. That includes making your profile relevant to the job that you want to get, says Ms. Llarena.如果你的概述是近期的而且还包括一张照片,你不会取得更佳的恢复。利亚雷拉说道,这还包括让你的概述与你想取得的工作涉及。Once youve established a regular dialogue, take the relationship offline as soon as you can. Ask for 30 minutes and treat your contact to coffee or lunch.一旦你和联系人奠定了经常性的对话关系,要尽早在线下发展这一关系。




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